Since 1989, Hogge Precision Parts Co., Inc. has been a trusted contract manufacturer of high-quality parts and assemblies. Our team is committed to innovation and superior customer service. To that end, our company has continued our investments into state-of-the-art machining technologies in 2022 with the purchase of our new Nakamura-Tome SC-100X2 turning machine, which will lead to numerous benefits for our customers.

Introducing Our New Turning Machine: SC-100X2     

The SC-100X2 is a hybrid twin-turret, dual-spindle machine that offers the capability of multitasking with simultaneous machining. This machine will allow us to drop off complete simple to medium complexity parts at a lower cost than a true twin-turret.   And as with all new equipment purchases at Hogge Precision, it is equipped with all the necessary accessories to run lights out, increasing overall capacity.  Our New Turning Machine: SC-100X2

The machine capacity and travels make it ideal for parts made from bar stock up to 2” in diameter and about 5” long in lot sizes of 50 to 5,000 pieces.

This will bring our operations to a higher level of efficiency and cost competitiveness by keeping the right parts on the right machines. It offers a range of capabilities and helpful features, including:

  • Speed: 41% faster than conventional single turret-dual spindle machines.  
  • Motors
    • L-spindle: 11/7.5kW
    • R-spindle: 7.5/5.5kW
    • Milling: 7.1/2.2kW, with a maximum production speed of 6,000min-1
  • Axes
    • X- and Z-axes come standard on the R-spindle
    • Y-axis achieves strokes of 80mm (±40mm)
  • Dimensional turning capacities
    • Maximum length: 400mm
    • Maximum diameter: 195mm
    • L-spindle bar capacity: 51mm
    • R-spindle bar capacity: 42mm
    • Up to 33 tools
  • Superimposed cycle: Concurrent operation with overlapping L- and R-spindle control
  • Unloading gripper: Lower turret is equipped with a turret hand unloading gripper.  This is critical for parts with demanding surface finish requirements.

Hogge Precision Capabilities: CNC Turning

With the new SC-100X2 in our 42,000-sqft., ISO 9001:2015-registered facility, Hogge Precision’s processes suit everything from low-volume production runs on 2- and 3-axis machinery up to high-volume production runs on bar-fed turning equipment with up to eight axes. We are also proud to offer lights-out manufacturing for greater production output.

With our high-precision turning equipment, we’re capable of fulfilling tolerances as tight as ±0.0005″. Our CNC turning equipment has dimensional capacity maximums of:

  • 3″-diameter bar stock 
  • 10″-diameter slug
  • 20″ in length

We leverage our technical capabilities to create advanced custom turning processes that generate high-performance components and assemblies for clients in the aerospace and defense, transmission and switching, industrial, medical, military, energy, plumbing, and motion control sectors, among others.

In addition to our CNC turning capabilities, we also continue to refine our technology and methods in other machining processes and value-added services, such as:

If you have any questions related to our new SC-100X2 machine, or how our customized machining solutions can support your business, contact us today or request a quote to begin your project.