Kanban Inventory Management

At Hogge Precision we specialize in Kanban inventory management practices. We save significant time and money for our customers’ internal teams by relieving them of the burden of inventory management, allowing them to focus on critical core competencies such as sales and marketing. As a service partner, we also offer a broad selection of other services—including, but not limited to, private labeling, custom bar code labeling, and returnable packaging—that support customer operations.

How Hogge Precision Implements Kanban for Customers

Originally developed by an industrial engineer at Toyota—Taichi Ohno—as a method of improving manufacturing efficiency, Kanban has since expanded into a means of helping any industry professional manage their workflows. When used for inventory management, it minimizes the amount of inventory kept on hand and automates restocking when needed, such as if demand increases or levels run low. Restocking or refilling operations typically make use of indicators, such as Kanban cards, bins, or barcode labels, which help keep track of inventory and, ultimately, reduce the time between need and fulfillment. 

At Hogge Precision, we provide Kanban inventory management services to facilitate operations for our customers. For contract manufacturers, like us, it enables us to maintain the stock needed so we can deliver the parts they need when they need them. Some of the industries we serve with this service include defense, power generation and distribution, heavy trucking, industrial, and medical.

The Advantages of Using a Kanban Inventory Management System

By employing Kanban inventory management systems, our customers experience several benefits, including the following:

  • Lower storage costs. Kanban focuses on minimizing inventory levels to what is needed, which, in turn, reduces the amount of storage and related storage costs required. 
  • Better understanding of demand. Since inventory levels rely on demand levels, it’s much easier to keep track of what is and isn’t popular. 
  • Greater accommodation of lean manufacturing practices. Kanban accommodates many lean manufacturing practices, all of which center around minimizing the amount of waste by a facility accrued without sacrificing productivity. 
  • Smaller risk of excess or wasted products. Since materials are only delivered as needed, there is a lower chance of them degrading or expiring before they are used. 
  • More optimized production space. Kanban inventory management systems trigger part delivery to the production line in JIT fashion, thus minimizing the use of production space.
  • Improved workflows. The data from Kanban software can be used by assembly line supervisors and managers to improve assembly workflows.

Let Hogge Precision Help You Manage Your Inventory

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer, the team at Hogge Precision strives to maintain the highest quality standards. By partnering with us for their needs, customers benefit from our commitment to providing superior products and services, a value which demonstrates itself through the following:

  • Our broad range of primary, secondary, and additional services, including Kanban inventory management, private labeling, custom bar code labeling, and returnable packaging
  • Our continuous improvement efforts
  • Our competitive prices

If you require a service partner that provides all of the above and more, request a quote today.