Hogge Precision is a premier contract manufacturer that delivers targeted products and services designed to meet the changing needs of their customers. Through the use of advanced screw machining and CNC equipment, Hogge Precision has gained a reputation for providing quality products at affordable prices. In an effort to continue providing superior solutions and expand our capacity to meet current demand, Hogge makes it a priority to invest in the latest machine tool technologies.

Our New Swiss-Style Turning Center Swiss Machine

Hogge’s most recent investment in 2022 is a new Swiss-style turning center, which features advanced capabilities to accommodate various design and capacity requirements. This investment offers 9 fully programmable axes and a 44 tool capacity to meet the needs of even the most demanding small-part geometries. Hogge’s new Swiss-style turning center also features a 3/4‘’ bar diameter with 10,000 RPM spindles as well as an automatic bar loader for lights-out production.

Benefits of New Equipment

The new Swiss-style turning center offers a host of benefits for Hogge’s customers. For example, its increased tool capacity can accommodate the most challenging and complex small-part applications.

Another major advantage of this equipment is its lights-out production capabilities. Hogge Precision is dedicated to lights-out manufacturing, as it allows for the creation of parts with little to no human intervention besides the initial tooling setup and machine programming. This means that this equipment can run 24/7 to produce high-quality parts with high levels of speed and accuracy. Other benefits of lights-out production include increased capacity, enhanced operational efficiency, reduced overhead costs, improved worker safety, and better production quality and product consistency.

Hogge Precision Capabilities: Swiss Machining

This new investment along with our current Swiss machining capabilities allow Hogge to deliver precision-machined small diameter parts to meet various needs. Hogge can turn a wide range of metals while meeting tight tolerances and adhering to strict industry standards. With custom processes such as form turning, parting/cutting, internal/external threading, knurling, and much more, Hogge can produce everything from valve components and custom fittings to electrical components, instrument parts, and more.

For more information about the new Swiss-style turning center and its capabilities, contact Hogge Precision, or request a quote today to get started on your custom machining solution.