CNC Machining of a Copper Resistor Contact for the Power Transmission Industry

A customer in the power transmission and switching industry came to Hogge Precision in need of a resistor contact. We manufactured the part out of solid 110 copper, using CNC machining. This part was completed in one operation using a multitask machine. We used a single turret twin spindle machine with C & Y-Axis.

The finished product had an O.D. measurement of 4.000 inches, and was 1.143 inches long. We performed all necessary testing and inspections prior to shipment, then delivered 500 units to the client, who was highly satisfied.

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CNC Machining of a Copper Resistor Contact Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis component was manufactured for the power transmission and switching industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Machining

    • Machined Complete in One Operation on Multi-Tasking Machine
    • Rough & Finish Turn O.D.
    • Rough & Finish Bore I.D.
    • Form .210 Radius on ID and OD
    • Face Groove ID
    • Thread ID
    • Drill 4 Holes on OD
    • De-Burr 4 Holes on OD
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartSingle Turret, Twin Spindle Machine with C & Y-Axis
Overall Part DimensionsO.D.: Ø4.000″
Length: 1.143″
Tightest Tolerances±.005″
Concentricity of .005″
Material Used110 Solid Copper
Max Material Finish64 Ra
In process testing/inspection performedFunctional Gauging
Documented In Process Inspection Reports as defined by QA
Industry for UsePower Transmission and Switching
Turn Around Time5 to 6 Weeks
Delivery LocationGeorgia
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 3D CAD Model
Product NameResistor Contact