CNC Machining of a Carbon Steel Transducer Head for the Electrical Industry

A client in the electrical industry came to Hogge Precision Parts in need of a carbon steel transducer head. We performed CNC machining to produce the part, which was completed in only one operation, using a multitask machine. We used a single turret twin spindle turning center.

The finished product had O.D. measurements of 2.375 inches and a length of 1.885 inches. It was made of 1117 carbon steel and has a clear zinc finish. We performed full testing and inspections on the finished product prior to shipment. The satisfied client now purchases 100 of these transducer heads per month.

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CNC Machining of a Carbon Steel Transducer Head Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis transducer head is used within a load cell application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Machining

    • Completed in One Operation on Multitasking Machine
    • Turn Side 1 & Side 2 OD
    • Bore Side 1 & 2 ID
    • Groove ID & OD
    • Mill Side
    • Drill & Tap

RoHS Clear Zinc Plating
Part Number Engraving

Equipment Used to Manufacture PartSingle Turret – Twin Spindle Turning Center with Automatic Raw Material & Parts Handling.
Overall Part DimensionsO.D.: Ø2.375″
Length: 1.885″
Tightest Tolerances
Circular Run-out of .001″
True Position of .010″
Perpendicularity of .0015″
Material Used1117 Carbon Steel
Max Material Finish63 Ra
In process testing/inspection performed
Functional Gauging
Dial Bore Gauging
Documented In Process Inspection Reports as defined by QA
Industry for UseElectrical
Volume100 Per Month
Turn Around Time3 to 4 Weeks
Delivery LocationOhio
Tooling Cost$2,400
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing, Solid Model
Product NameTransducer Head