Horizontal Milling of an Aluminum Manifold for an Air Compressor

An air-compressor manufacturer approached Hogge Precision for horizontal milling of an aluminum manifold, to be used in the medical field. Working closely with the client from start to finish, including offering design suggestions to minimize cost, we purchased all of the raw materials then performed CNC horizontal milling using our highly advanced machinery. We milled the profile, grooves, and slots, and performed drilling, boring, and tapping of the holes and ports. Finally, we anodized and assembled the manifold.

The product was made of solid 6061 aluminum. It measured 15” long, 5” high, and 10” wide. We worked with tolerances down to ±.001”. Performed a full series of testing and inspections on the completed part, ensuring absolute quality and precision.

Our client hired us to provide them with 10 of these aluminum manifolds every month. They were, and continue to be, extremely satisfied with our work.

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Notes: This component is machined from solid 6061 aluminum. Also, we manufacture and or purchase all of the components, sub-assemble, and ship to the customer

Horizontal Milling of an Aluminum Manifold Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThis aluminum manifold is used within an air compressor.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Horizontal Milling

    • Mill Profile
    • Mill Grooves
    • Mill Slots
    • Drill, Tap & Counterbore Holes
    • Drill & Counterbore Holes on 75° Angle
    • Drill & Bore Ports Thru


Equipment Used to Manufacture PartHorizontal Machining Center
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 15.000″
Width: 10.000″
Height: 5.000″
Tightest Tolerances
Parallelism of .005″
Perpendicularity of .005″
Material Used6061 Aluminum
Max Material Finish32 RMS
In process testing/inspection performedFunctional Gauging, Documented In Process Inspection, Profilometer, CMM
Industry for UseIndustrial
Volume10 Per Month
Turn Around Time2 to 3 Weeks Stocking Program
Delivery LocationCharlotte, North Carolina
Standards MetCustomer supplied print, CAD Drawing
Product NameAluminum Manifold Block