Screw-Machining of Lead Free Brass (Eco Brass) Components for the Medical and Plumbing Industry

Screw-Machining of Lead Free Brass (Eco Brass) Components for the Medical and Plumbing Industry

A customer in the medical and plumbing industries came to Hogge Precision in need of Eco-brass components. We manufactured these complete on our 6-spindle screw-machines.

Tightest Tolerances
Medical & Plumbing
3 to 6 Weeks
Turnaround TIme


ISO 9001:2015


The components were made of 693 lead free Eco-Brass. We worked within tolerances of ±.001” and finishes as fine as 32 RMS. Upon completion of the machining, we thoroughly cleaned, tested, and inspected the product, then promptly delivered them to our client. Highly satisfied with all aspects of our production and service, the client has ordered shipments of between 5,000 and 10,000 pieces at a time.

Hogge Precision is an ISO 9001:2015-certified contract manufacturer of precision-machined components.
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Project Specs

With our skilled technicians and advanced equipment, we can meet specific tolerances and specifications to manufacture the best solution for our customers. Below are some of the spec highlights and equipment details from this project:

  • The tightest tolerances that can be met are within ±.001″
  • The component was manufactured using 693 Eco Lead-Free Brass.
  • The primary pieces of equipment used were 6-spindle screw-machines.

Machined Components from Hogge Precision

Lead-free brass components are one of a myriad of solutions that Hogge Precision can manufacture. Motivated by our vision to be a leading supplier and manufacturer of a diverse range of precision machined components and assemblies, Hogge Precision is ready to manufacture the perfect solution for our customer’s needs.

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